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Miss Velocity Models Iron Fist Audio T-Shirt

Miss Velocity currently plays chart toppers from all eras but her journey did not start off this way. Her passion many years ago lay in the underground scene and even though she can attend these events with a similar level of enthusiasm her love lies in making people dance and this does not discriminate between styles of music anymore.

Iron Fist - meaning to rule ruthlessly.

The concept of the name signals their intent. And as an upfront drum and bass label renowned for their ruthless sounds.

They are not much older than a year and a half (Sept 16) and they have had tracks from big named producers like Hizzleguy, Nu Elementz, Jayline, Profile, Ironlung, Certified, Damage Report and more with many more forthcoming releases in the pipeline.

Grab yourselves a T-Shirt or two with great quality tops and designs.

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